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Meet the Team!

My name is Christine Treharne and in 2011 I created Good Night Baby to ensure a holistic approach to sleep support. I have helped hundreds of babies to sleep through all night every night! Although now semi-retired I give you my personal guarantee of success. 

I am a Registered Nurse, Health Visitor and hold a Degree in Education. I have specialised in babies and young children with sleep difficulties and their many related problems for over 30 years.

Please don't hesitate to reach out. 


Hello my name is Tina and I joined the Good Night Baby team in 2020. I have known Christine for many years and we are very much on the same page in regard to ensuring emotional wellbeing, child development and of course sleep! I have over 15 years experience in sleep support and a Registered Nurse, Health Visitor and an independent facilitator of Relationships and Sex Education in schools. The development and brain changes in babies, children and young people never fails to amaze me!

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