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Baby not sleeping?

Feeling sleep deprived?


Welcome to Good Night Baby

You have taken the first step towards a good night’s sleep. Asparents we appreciate reaching out isn’t always easy and understand sleep deprivation can affect our ability to cope. Sleep becomes everything and is vitally important for our well-being.

At Good Night Baby we offer a holistic, non-judgemental service to help you achieve a good night’s sleep for you and your family.

We provide support for all babies and children and everything we do is related to your child’s developmental stage, personality and their amazing curious brain.

As your child grows, their sleep needs change and we are here to provide support along that journey.

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How it works

Book an Initial Consultation

The initial consultation lasts about an hour which helps us to build a picture of your typical week and your families needs. We explore pregnancy, birth, feeding, what is currently working well and not so well.


This can be virtually or over the phone. Evening appointments are available to fit in with work patterns.
If you are in doubt please arrange a free call to discuss our services.

Build a bespoke Sleep Plan

As your child is unique we create an individualised 24 hour sleep plan together with all the help and support you need to achieve your  babies sleep goals. 

While we do not advocate ‘controlled crying’ we can’t promise no crying. We consider your parenting style and understand that parenting instincts are there for a reasonWe believe that connection is everything.

Provide Help & Support

Our clients require varying levels of support and at Good Night Baby we provide a bespoke ongoing support plan for you and your baby. Your baby’s sleep needs may change over the coming 2-3 months and we are there to see you through this transition at no additional cost. If you are based in South West Devon, a home visit can be offered. 

We are proud to offer a worldwide virtual service.

Service options: 

Option 1: A Bespoke Sleep Plan -£80

Including unlimited support until your sleep goals are achieved.

Option 2: Open-Ended Help & Support - £160

Open ended support to meet your child's sleep needs throughout their developmental journey.  

For twins or multiple babies there is no additional charge.

If in doubt please get in touch as there are no obstacles in reaching out. 

Baby Stretches

Tap into a wealth of knowledge! 

Christine and Tina are qualified health professionals skilled in nursing, health visiting, education and sleep consultancy. As independent sleep therapists, they have over 45 years experience between them! Providing a holistic approach to sleep support, they have helped hundreds of babies to sleep through all night every night. We are proud to provide a dedicated service and look forward to getting to know your family.  



I contacted Christine as my 14 month old wasn’t sleeping well at all. We were given a clear and easy plan to follow, the first few nights were tough but after night 3 he would sleep the full 12 hours with no waking. It took him about 2 months to go down happy with no crying but now 7 months on he still goes down at 630-630 happy when going down and awake! I highly recommend and definitely stick to it!

Sarah Marchant